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Becoming A Better Artist: Learning to Not Copy

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 23, 2013, 5:46 PM
  • Listening to: A Math Professor speak
  • Reading: Justice League New 52
  • Watching: my monitor
  • Eating: Cafe Rio Shrimp Tacos!
  • Drinking: Lemonade

Well it's been a while since i have done a journal.  In fact usually, I disappear from DA during the year because of my work and how much time that it takes away.  So I finally decided after years of not watching my work go anywhere because I wasn't spending much time getting better because I was never getting the chance to practice that I had to make time if I really enjoyed this as a hobby.

I began with the idea of well maybe if I only get on here once a week that I would be doing better than I normal did in the past and I could use this time to look on here and to also do a little bit of artwork myself while doing so.  This quickly turned into I needed to get on here more than once a week and I needed to draw more.  This was hard with the work schedule that I have to do it but I decided to make some time to do it.  It meant getting up a little bit earlier and at my job when time was slow using it to my advantage.

First I noticed a huge jump in my artwork and that was the cool part because I am now trying to find my own style (which everyone knows is hard because we really just steal styles from one another).  I have been working on that and seeing a change in style.  Also, I have moved away from drawing girls and have been working hard on learning how to draw guys and that helped me tremendous.

The big difference was learning not to always complete a drawing and learning it's okay to sketch to get the basic outline of a character and where things belong.  Usually I draw and then complete the drawing never realizing that I needed to work on just sketching.  I always felt like I had to complete them so I could post on here.

Well now I have also been looking for a style of coloring because I have been playing close attention and learning that there are many techniques to color.  I finally forked out enough money to get photoshop and I bought a laptop strictly dedicated to working on artwork so that it wouldn't get bogged down my music and what not.  

Anywho, slowly but surely everything is moving along and I hope to see some good things coming forth.

-  D 13


United States

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: all types
Operating System: Mac BABY
MP3 player of choice: IPad
Skin of choice: Mine!
Favourite cartoon character: Woody Woodpecker
Personal Quote: you only get out of something what you put into it


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FableImpact Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hi LaRenzo, I see you're working on your color skills! If you're looking to push your work even more I thought it'd be worth making sure you know about the HiFi Color for Comics Kickstarter. The book has been updated from the original publication and has already passed it's first stretch goal.

Future goals will see new content like color theory for comics, coloring toned artwork and coloring for the web amongst others coming alongside new artwork from creators such as J Scott Campbell, Katie Cook & Humberto Ramos to name but 3.

What's more you automatically get access to the on-line HiFi Academy if you get a digital or print version of the book and incentives include options such as digital or print versions of the instructional book, portfolio reviews and follow up with one of industries top colorists, one on one lessons on line or even a 3 day comics coloring bootcamp in sunny Arizona!

If any of this sounds interesting to you or you want to know more then check out the campaign page, the more artists that pledge the more we all get out of the book as those awesome stretch goals bring in new content!…
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